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GEMSTECH has been offering career and jobs assist services in India, the Gulf and surrounding areas since 1994 to job seekers and is the longest serving professional training and consultancy organisation in the India. Because of this, we have been able to develop a highly specialised placement services network in pan India and Gulf countries, centred around our clients’ needs that’s not only able to provide the most qualified candidates, but also those who are the best fit for the company and position.

One of the key aspects of our placement  services in India and the Gulf is the quality of consultants that we employ at GEMSTECH IPL. Each of them works tirelessly to ensure the best candidates are approached and hired for the required positions, offering a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to your recruitment needs and providing you with the best service and candidates at reasonable fee rates. Our consultants go the extra mile, looking at not only the company as a whole, but how it operates, the environment it’s in and the personalities that drive it forward day in, day out.

With a wealth of experience in the training and placement services industry, our consultants fully understand the needs of their clients and know the challenges, competition and the current market situation. This deep understanding of placement services in India and Gulf, the UAE and surrounding areas allows us to use our knowledge of the industry and dedication to customer satisfaction to make great strides in the recruitment process. It’s these aspects that allow us to stand out from the crowd, separating us from other training and placement consultancies.

We place immense value on the quality of our client relationships and this philosophy is what our recruitment services in India and Gulf and the UAE are built upon. We believe that in order to get the best candidates we need to know how your company ticks, right from the heart. With this knowledge, we can accurately and efficiently assist in the hiring of candidates of exceptional quality and consistency.

With a vast candidate database full of potential employees, dedicated website and access to the best external recruitment portals, we take the time to find not only the most skilled, but also a suitable competent candidate that would thrive in your work environment.

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