Verification Importancy

GEMSTECH Institution certified delegates find themselves in high demand in the technology career field Globally. That's why GEMSTECH wants to make it easier for employers, clients and certificate holders to verify certifications through the ID / Certificate Number, for immediate authentitcation

Get immediate verification by entering the Certificate / ID Number.

Please enter your Certificate ID and Email- ID to get your certificate verification instantly

(Applicable for delegates / students registered after Jan 2018)

(Those students registered before Jan 2018 Applicable fee USD 50. )

* £25 / Rs. equal amount fee for completing paper work and handling.

Why Certificate verification ?

In times of financial constraint and increasing competition for employment, the incidence of fraud increases. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK estimated that 40% of CVs are false, as an employer you are required by contract by standards and depending upon your product by law to ensure that your personnel are competent to undertake their allocated responsibilities.

Whether employed or sub-contracted, any individual with whom you have a contractual agreements whether directly or indirectly is considered to be a member of your personnel, you are responsible for the competence of your personnel including, but not restricted to permanent employees temporary employees on short-or fixed-term contracts and personnel supplied by an agency or third party.

Counterfeiting of certificates and falsifying of training documents is also seen as an increasing challenge. To combat this to maintain the high level of trust relation and integrity. GEMSTECH provides a free, Web based online certificate verification services. Pay now and Verify instantly online